Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Surprise on the radio.

Over the years reading online I thought that I had come across just about everything related to our interests but within the last week I have twice come across something which stopped me in my tracks and made me think.

We spend years wondering what life would have been like had we just been born girls. Well, not always so great!

Imagine my surprise to discover that there is a fairly hight incidence of girls born without full internal girl parts, this part I knew, but the big surprise was the treatment. They could have an operation, details unspecified but most of us could work out the details, and a neo vagina could be created. Or the girls could just start with very small dilators and slowly form their own internal space, that over a period sometimes a short as six months, through utilising ever larger devices could create a useable space!

Reading of the prolonged recovery some go through you do have to wonder if this could ever form part of our transition procedure...

The decreased viability of many current anti viral drugs does make me wonder how easy future surgeries are going to be...


  1. I suppose all surgeries would have to take place in even more stringently surgically clean places. What's the alternative?

    Shirley Anne x

    1. The world gets ever more unstable which does not look good for the search for newer ways of controlling disease though it would appear that something in crocodile blood kills off bacteria many times better than our own blood does, perhaps there is hope.