Sunday, 22 March 2015

Thoughts of Spring...

Thank goodness we have passed the equinox and the hope of spring weather lies ahead of us. All that bulky clothing to survive the winter can be soon be put away and lighter, looser and finer clothes can see the light of day again.

There has been a small avalanche of clothing catalogues through through the letter box recently. Perhaps there is murmuring out there along the lines of "she should be out enjoying the freedom to shop wherever she likes now" but like many of us, there is not always a lot to choose from in shops in larger sizes. You have to envy women in general and those of us who are of smaller stature, your choices for expressing you personality through your choice of clothing is almost limitless and styles available often more flattering than for those of us of larger stature. This does make real life shopping less of a joy and more of a frustration. Perhaps we once dreamed of being able to dress in something particularly feminine and flattering only to find that for many of us it remains still just a dream.

At least we have an easier access to some larger sizes, no matter where we live, by using the catalogues and online sites. I had always imagined that online sites would be better than a cheap catalogue through the door but have yet to find a single site which is not several times worse in presentation of garments. Where are the multiple views and embedded videos of the garments being worn by normal sized models? Where is the inspiration to part with my cash?

At this point I shall confess to have not spent anything on clothes for over a year now. Shocking I know. There are several reasons that many of the catalogues never even got a single glance before being recycled. Some companies had shown a change of direction away from a broader customer base, that was not a size reference really, the larger customers are often shunned even by companies which had constantly had to reply that my chosen styles had already sold out! The custom is there, they just do not really want to cater for us... Thankfully I do already have plenty of spring to autumn wear stored ready for use and what a lot of space it takes up compared to a few pairs of trousers and a small stack of tee shirts. Much of that clothing is for someone just slightly smaller than I am at the moment. If there is one thing I would like others to learn is that a change of body chemistry with HRT and the subsequent loss of muscle mass will have an effect on your metabolism. If you are not careful a weight gain will sneak up on you in a very short time, I am convinced that weight can be gained just by reading the calorie content printed on the packaging of some foods!

I am close to returning to the weight at which I am comfortable and I hope that the memory of how difficult it is to loose some weight compared to the extreme ease with which it can be gained will help me to maintain my most comfortable weight.

Perhaps I shall find something special to buy as a treat and reward in the near future. My real problem with clothes now is that I am no longer satisfied with reasonable clothes which fit, my tastes have sadly extended to classier clothes just beyond those which I can really afford. The future is for quality rather than quantity. I come from an age where clothes are worn until they are worn out and would never be consigned to a charity shop because they had not been worn for a year as is often suggested in magazines. My older clothes are just resting, awaiting their next outing.

My only piece of fashion advice would be to shun anything with a degree of elasticated waist, you will miss any warning signs of weight gain and curse the apparent comfort for a long time...

My only regret is leaving my transition too long and finding myself less able to indulge my desire for clothes as I once could have done...