Monday, 31 August 2015


Well, all that expectation for summer came to nothing! I still have not unpacked my summer clothes and there are distinct signs of autumn in the air. I thought that I was having a rare nightmare with a thundering machine noise on an early Sunday morning, you would think that a country girl would be used to the sounds of a combine harvester in a field a hundred yards from her bedroom. A cold wet summer has caused weeds to grow like fury and many things to fail to grow. On the bright side hedgerow blackberries are easy picking this year so I am not having any problems with my regularity...

When the phone rang recently it was a friend telling me that there was a "LGBTAI Pride March" being reported on the evening TV news. I can understand why he might have thought that I would be interested, there was a trans element present but not in a way that I am happy with. The G element was the usual wild carnival the public have come to expect and no doubt even makes many homosexual men cringe like I do about the T presentation.

The ever growing acronym for unrelated oppressed was once a handy shelter which now feels like the roof has blown off. Outrageous behaviour both amuses and horrifies the general public and does nothing to help educate or increase our acceptance in society. The bias is towards a different sexuality and behaviour but transsexuals have very little to do with that sex word which gets so many riled up and excited. Until we can be seen as separate from the wild excesses of Pride I feel our cause is now being held back. All the other letters, the Bs, Is As and Ls are probably all feeling the same, just nobody can come up with a new idea or even dare suggest it.

My friend now knows what I think of parades, now I have to try and convince him that I do not need to know about every incidence of the ever increasing reports of the stream of celebrity transitions. I am glad that the rest of the world sees them and soon will be bored into normality...

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